Thursday, May 20, 2010



I am Rev. Majadi Baruti, Chief Priest of Udja Temple Ministries. Udja Temple Ministries is dedicated to the acknowledgement of the divinity, sacredness and power of the Black Woman. We are advocates of the Black Woman's power, her grace and her great strength. In light of this we of Udja Temple join our hands with our sisters, The Gray Haired Witnesses For Justice. We understand further that those sisters have traditionally been strong defenders of our people and protectors of the rights of Black Women and Children. In this we stand in complete solidarity. Let it be known that Udja Temple does not tolerate injustice anywhere but especially as it pertains to the Black Family. Understanding the connectedness of the whole, and in solidarity with the Gray Haired Witnesses For Justice, I Rev. Majadi Baruti and Udja Temple Ministries call for these truths to be made manifest.

The immediate release of Jamie and Gladys Scott from the Mississippi Correctional Facilities which have unjustly kept them incarcerated without viable and probable cause for so many years.

The immediate end to the harassment, abuse and murder of innocent civilians by the Detroit Police Department which we fully recognize in the face of our spiritual daughter, Aiyanna Jones, 7 yrs old, murdered by the Detroit Police Department while asleep in her bed.

Lastly and most expressly we call for an end to the mistreatment, exploitation and indeed here today call for a State of Emergency for the Afrikan Woman and her Family, to be declared within the Afrikan Communities here and worldwide. Indeed SHE being the foundation of all things and the loving center of the Afrikan Family it is crucial that she is made whole. This state of emergency is not expected to be called into existence by the U.S. Government which has shown a historical lack of concern for the Afrikan Populations. We are calling this ourselves and are set and bound to change HER conditions.

Our solidarity with the Gray Haired Witnesses for Justice is tied and duty bound to cultural, historical, genetic and familial constructs of Afrikan lineage. We stand with our Sisters and our Mothers, our Aunts, our Grandmothers, our Cousins, Nieces, Friends, Lovers, Mates, Wives and Creators. We stand in full solidarity, absolute unity and with an unchanging faith that through the glory of the Afrikan Woman all things can be transformed. In this day, in this hour and at this most precise moment, that great task has begun.....Yemaya, Oshun, Sekhmet, Auset be praised, Ancestors Strengthen us and Gray Haired Witnesses for Justice guide us!!!

Rev. Majadi Baruti
Chief Priest
Udja Temple Ministries
Charlotte, NC

Udja Temple Ministries
"Praising HER names"


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  1. Such a powerful statement that has to be shared with the world.